36 Smart and Interesting Responses to 'HOW ARE YOU?'

36 Smart and Interesting Responses to 'HOW ARE YOU?'

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37 thoughts on “36 Smart and Interesting Responses to 'HOW ARE YOU?'

  1. I’m good is an Americanism and not really correct English ; I’m well is more appropriate.

    Good or bad more likely would refer to the behaviour of a child who might expect a treat if they had behaved well ( or had been good as opposed to bad ) .

  2. When somebody asks me how I am I always tell him terrible, When they ask why I tell them womenEvery time I see a good looking woman they say oh you're terrible. I've been using this line for well over 20 years I usually get a good laugh out of it

  3. My two favourites: wellllllllll that last incident with the shrink wrap was a little troubling but I’m feeling muuuuuch better now. : I,m so happy I can barely handle being around myself

  4. People usually say 'fair to middlin' where I live but my favorite answer is my Aunt Patsy who says 'If I was any better I'd be twins!' hahaha

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