Join me as we enter in the emotional journey of the final Binding of Isaac DLC, Repentance! Many years in the making, this new expansion reimagines the game with new items, bosses, rooms, characters, and more. Let’s explore what the DLC has to offer!

Check out Repentance here:

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21 thoughts on “TAINTED JACOB GREEDIER! | The Binding of Isaac: REPENTANCE

  1. You have proven to me that you're a true gamer and I will not question that fact the next time you end your run by giving yourself a million broken hearts and then running into a fire with double Isaac's heart.

  2. Watching someone who is godlike in game shows the ceiling of skill, but watching a mix of good plays, some gambling and a little of not caring at all and just vibing is what I enjoy the most in isaac videos. Have a good day and keep the vibes going <3.

  3. Video title: "TAINTED JACOB GREEDIER"
    oh no

    Vieo length: 38 minutes
    OH NO

    Tyler: wins

    ????? when did he adjust his gaming chair this much

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