Delhi's Mohalla Clinics Gather Big Data On Public Health

Delhi's Mohalla Clinics Gather Big Data On Public Health

A physician at a mohalla clinic in Delhi’s Todapur district sees 60-70 patients every day. He spends four minutes with his patients, who majorly comprise of women and children. Each of his patients is contributing to public health data in the capital city.

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21 thoughts on “Delhi's Mohalla Clinics Gather Big Data On Public Health

  1. ek ye hai jo desh ke logo ki jaan ki fikar karrahe hai or vo kutte ke pille hai jo desh ke logo ko marvane ke plan karrahe hai kehte hai aapas me lado bhaiyo aapas me hum ladte hai to in bjp or rss walo ko takat milti hai or hame chutiya banana inke liye asan hota hai

  2. Yaar Please everyone. This is what UK and Australia is doing for health care and we can implement it all over India. We need to Bring AAP in power in the more states and in the center. Enough of this hate politics, be logical it effects all of us Hindus Muslims Christians. There is no one who will not accept a organ donation from other community to save his or her life. Then why this hate people.

  3. i still fail to understand how people of delhi voted for BJP in MCd. yes AAP govt is not perfect but their performance has been far far better than any frickin BJP govt.
    Poor choice by the people of delhi…….

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