The Speech That Moved This Entire Audience To Tears

The Speech That Moved This Entire Audience To Tears

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*This is an original narration recorded specifically for this video in the Lion of Judah studio*

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48 thoughts on “The Speech That Moved This Entire Audience To Tears

  1. I did what I came to do so why is God keeping me here for what I'm no use for anything I can't do so much and I tried praying and bron again so why am here

  2. Revelation to the churches of men; read all not just parts, if you sincerely want The Only Truth Absolute…

    "This question was asked of The Lord: Lord, what does it mean in the Book of Revelation, where it says, “The 144,000 did not defile themselves with women; they kept themselves pure”?[1]

    Thus says The Lord to His servant: Rather the 144,000 have been purchased, redeemed and chosen from the earth as a special offering, and are spiritually undefiled, pure as virgins.[2] Timothy, you have asked, and I have answered you plainly. Thus I tell you, you are of the number, I have already placed you within their ranks; My seal is upon your forehead.[3]
    Yet those who envy seek to cause doubt, by questioning your worthiness and defilement with women. And because of this, they reject My Word spoken to this generation. Therefore they remain in their sins, for they want no part with Me as I truly am. They have removed themselves far from Me, and seek to draw others away also, that they might feel validated in their unjust cause. Yet who The Lord has cleansed is worthy of His purpose; call him not unworthy or defiled. For that which comes from the heart of man does indeed defile the man, yet that which comes from God is holy.
    Therefore fear, all you who point the finger, and humble yourselves, all you who twist My words for your own gain, lest you be found guilty of blaspheming the Holy Spirit. For the defilement which was written, and remains misinterpreted by men, is not defilement with the daughters of men, but defilement with the churches of men, who remain daughters of the church called mother. For she is a harlot, says The Lord. Thus spiritual purification begins with grace, and is for those whom I have chosen to become virgin in spirit, even a complete cleansing of every aspect of their lives.

    All men are defiled, having fallen
    Into all manner of diverse temptations;
    There is none righteous in all the earth, no, not one…
    Yet all who repent, in sincerity and in truth,
    Are cleansed in the blood of The Lamb,
    Which is pure and holy…
    Therefore, those whom I have called to be My witnesses
    Must become pure in heart and in spirit;
    Set apart from the world and the churches of men,
    Who cease not from polluting My name
    And marring My image before the people.

    Timothy, you have not sat among the prideful, nor have you kept the company of those deceived in the churches of men. You have accepted no doctrine at all. Indeed, you were like clay which had been molded by the world, yet remained unmolded in spirit. Behold, even when you were yet in your mother’s womb, I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet, a witness for My name, an enemy to all nations. Thus you put no faith in the doctrines of the world, nor did you accept any doctrine taught in the churches of men. As for your body and mind, yes, you did become defiled by sin, of this you were guilty, as are all who have gained maturity. Yet I have taken your sins from you and remember your iniquities no more. Therefore, I ask you, what defilement remains? For what The Lord has cleansed, in the blood of The Lamb, is a new creation – virgin.
    Behold, I am the same yesterday, today, and all tomorrows to come, says The Lord. No contradiction found. Thus all error belongs to men, exploited by the wicked one for his own evil purpose. Therefore, what I have written I have written; it stands. And that which I have written through My servant, John, stands also, though it is greatly misinterpreted, the error of which is compounded by the mistranslations of men.
    Yet worse still is the interpretation of My Word by men of intellect and learning, who shroud their arrogance in pretense and hide their error under the guise of established doctrine – unprofitable servants who lead My people astray. For My Word is for all who truly seek Me and long to know My ways, even to walk in them. Thus My Word can only be accepted and understood by those who have received the love of the Truth, for they abide in Me and My spirit resides within them. For how can one who stands apart from Me know Me? And how can one who teaches his own way walk with Me in Mine?
    Men do not have understanding of the Scriptures in themselves! Rather it is a gift from God, received through the Holy Spirit, given to those who have placed all their trust in The Holy One, embracing Me as I truly am. Or have you never read this Scripture: The fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of The Holy One is understanding? Therefore to those who have received is all revealed, and to those who have not received is all shut away. Shall the darkness understand the light? For only those of The Light, bathed in His glory, shall see; the rest left blinded.

    For until one calls on the name of The Messiah,
    In sincerity and in truth, by no means shall they receive…
    For He is The One who had placed
    The mud upon their eyes to heal them…

    Behold, He is also The Water of Siloam
    Which was sent to wash them,
    That they might now see, says The Lord."

    [1]Revelation 14:4 (KJV)
    [2]Revelation 14:1-4 (NLT)
    [3]Revelation 14:1


    "For your ways and your teachings do always contradict sound doctrine. Indeed, your doctrines and traditions profane My holy name, as you further defile yourselves through your acceptance of pagan practices and myths, which have been passed down to you by your forefathers, men who were corrupters and given to corruption, false servants who committed adultery with the pagans and did not wholly separate themselves from the many harlotries of the Catholic Church… I tell you the truth, she shall be torn in pieces!
    And yet all you churches of men remain like her, teaching always as doctrine the commandments of men, which has altogether turned you from The Truth. For you profess to know Me, yet by your works you deny Me, being disobedient, abominable, disqualified for every good work. Thus, as it was written of those who rebelled against Me at the first, so it remains concerning you at the last: Your mouths must be stopped. For you have subverted whole households, teaching things which you ought not, for the sake of dishonest gain. For I tell you the truth, you have surely blasphemed the Spirit of God! Says The Lord.
    Thus I shall rebuke you sharply for your sins, by which you have rebelled against Me! I shall correct and discipline you for the multitude of your transgressions, by which you have robbed Me! For I have seen in your hearts malice and how you seek to hold others captive, how you hold their sins over their heads and cast judgment, as though it were a hook. Therefore do your sins remain! Therefore must your discipline be severe!
    For if I do not punish you for your iniquities, if I do not tear down all your houses and make you very poor and desolate, you can in no wise be joined unto Me, declares The Lord. For I have not forgotten you, nor will I forsake you utterly as the wicked. I will remember you, for I have known you; no, not as you are, but as you will be, when I have broken your pride and brought your haughtiness to the ground, in the day I rob you of all your riches, says The Lord."


    "I tell you the truth, the very moment one has
    A change of heart do they pass from judgment into life…
    For I know the hearts of men,
    And their thoughts are not at all hidden from Me;
    Behold, I look upon their innermost desires,
    I know every hidden intention…
    Therefore when one calls upon Me,
    I know, I see, I hear, regardless of the name
    By which they have come to know Me, says The Lord…

    For there is but One God and One Savior, and I AM HE.

    Yet understand this: In times past I overlooked the ignorance of the people. Yet now I command all people everywhere to repent in sincerity and in truth.[1] In like manner, I have overlooked the ignorance of those who call The Messiah by another name. Yet now I command all who have ears to hear, to call upon His name as it is, was, and has always been, and not as they presume it to be.[2] Indeed I am calling all tribes, tongues, peoples and nations to embrace Him as He truly is, and not as the churches of men would have Him be,[3] says The Lord."

    [1]Acts 17:30
    [2]Zephaniah 3:9


    "Does not The Lord Himself search our hearts and minds, even our innermost thoughts and intentions? Does He not know who we are referring to, when we say “Jesus is Lord”? Even throughout the world, believers and unbelievers alike know the name “Jesus” (a name given to YahuShua by men) refers to He who was crucified and rose from the dead. And if we say YAHUSHUA is YAHUWAH, is this not also self-evident?
    Even before the earth was made, there is ONE alone who was and is and has always been THE LORD ABSOLUTE, which by definition demands there can be only one. Thus all others, whether man, false deity or carved image, referred to as “Lord” in English or in any other language, are false! – Deceivers! Impostors! Idols! – To call any of these “Lord” is blasphemy, even on the highest order!

    For thus has The Lord spoken:
    One God…
    One Son, The Only Way to The Father…
    One Truth, One Word, One Messiah, One Spirit;
    One Food, One Bread and One Drink…
    One Body…
    Of which I am all,
    The All in All."


    "Therefore, again I call you to kiss The Son
    And bow before your King!…
    For He alone is your salvation,
    He alone is your only escape!…
    He is The Light, The Only Way, The Only Truth!…
    There is no life apart from Him;
    Apart from Him is only darkness and death,
    The wide path which leads to destruction…

    Is His name, The Mashiach!…
    The Bearer of your cross, The Lover of your soul,
    The Risen One, The Mighty One of Jacob…
    Immanu El!"

  3. We don’t need riches gold silver
    All us children of god get fed all the righteousness we need.

  4. I felt discouraged today. But then I remembered to trust in the lord. I watched this video and it made me realise that I am a child of God. God loves me and he cares for me. To anyone who feels discouraged today God loves you and he cares for you. 🙌🏾🙏🏾

  5. Praise the LORD O' my soul, for He is worthy to be praised. I praise you for your kindness, and gentleness and for your unwavering love and for our blessed hope and Savior, Jesus Christ our redeemer.

  6. Those who are against God, are simply murderers toward his angels and all of his people that listen and integrate his teachings into their lives in order to be the example for others to learn from. The freedoms of the Devil are not the Freedoms of God. Sin, temptations, bad choices, and the 'end game' are satan's territory. No one has the courage to go into detail in all of what satan and his followers are accountable for. The seeds of the devil (tares) make war among God's followers simply because they are envious and jealous of our knowledge and talent that God integrates into our lives. Satan is not a beautiful creature.

  7. Dear Lord I ask that u forgive me of all my sins I ask that u go to the Holy father for me and know I whole heartily ask for forgiveness I know I'm nothing without you and that you are the one and only TRUE GOD , please o father renew my spirit in the Lord I ask u with all of my heart and soul Lord the world needs you now more then ever and I pray u touch each and everyone of us and heal our land. GOD u r the Alpha and Omega you r the king of Kings and the only True GOD so I ask you to please forgive me of all my sins and transgressions annd that u renew my spirit in your name Jesus Christ thank you so much for sending your only son Jesus to die on the cross so that every person has a chance to go to Heaven. Lord God I need you now more then ever I'm nothing without you God, in Jesus name I pray , thank you so very much Amen and Amen. Praise your Holy name forever n ever .

  8. This speech is touching, encouraging, and thought provoking, but the video part is distracting/irrelevant to what is being said, so I just LISTENED and QUIT WATCHING. I highly advise leaving scenes of people out and next time use nature scenes with Scripture.

  9. Amen!! Thank you Lord for everything. Thank you Lord for your blessings, abundance and favor upon my life. Yesterday I was created and born. That was a special day for me because Father you created me for a reason, plan, and purpose. Lord I love you. Thank you for for forgiving me and loving me when I slip, fall and need correction. For my disobedience you Lord for grace, salvation and mercy. I am not happy about what I have done in my lifetime. I know that I am a working progress. I am working on myself day by day. For you to say on that great day well done; my faithful servant.💕❤🙏🙏😢😪😪

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