Indian Passport RE-ISSUANCE (renewal)for MINOR in USA through VFS GLOBAL  | New Process

Indian Passport RE-ISSUANCE (renewal)for MINOR in USA through VFS GLOBAL | New Process


Hello Friends , In this Video i have explained step by step process for Passport re-issuance / renewal of Indian passport for MINOR in USA through VFS GLOBAL.This is the latest updated process since VFS is the new vendor.

VFS USA Portal :

Gov. Passport Portal :

VFS Passport Checklist (NORMAL) :

VFS Passport Checklist (TAKKAL) :

self sworn Affidavit :

Annexure D:

Annexure E :

Affidavit for Change in Appearance and signature :

Mandatory Document List :

Chapters Added :

00:00 – Intro
02:00 – Passport Application
08:32 – Payment Info
10:14 – Checklist
13:33 – Notary Info
14:34 – Track Application

37 thoughts on “Indian Passport RE-ISSUANCE (renewal)for MINOR in USA through VFS GLOBAL | New Process

  1. Hello Suja! Thanks for the detailed video. One quick question.. While affixing the photo in the application form, do i need to get my child's thumb print in the box provided below the photo??
    Please response ASAP…..

  2. We applied to renew their passports from the Indian Embassy through VFS with our US address. During application, they asked us for one Indian address outside the US, so we provided my parents' address in India. Now that my parents are here in the US, we received an email from the Indian Embassy informing us that they issued a Police Verification Request to Indian Police near their home in India.

    Is this the normal procedure?

    Will the police check our parents' house to see if our kids reside there? That is not the case because they reside here, which is why we are renewing passports here…

    Thanks in Advance!

  3. Hi Suja,

    Hope you and you family is doing well!
    You videos are very informative and as always your the best!!
    My son's passport is about to expire, I was suppose to move to Canada and apply there for renewal but unfortunately its getting delayed.
    Mother name in Son's current passport is printed as my surname as per his birth certificate(as you know in many states bride's surname will get change post marriage) but we have not updated that in my wife surname in her passport or in any of educational certificates(Our marriage certificate has both names). Hence she is continued with her surname prior to marriage.
    As per the VFS portal, we should not apply in Tatkal if there is a change in parents name(This was reason I wanted to apply after going to Canada). We can't travel for another 1 month and now we only have 2 month left for his passport to expire.
    Questions :
    1. Does VFS accept, If I apply in Tatkal now without asking to change mother surname and provide the supporting document as Birth certificate and marriage certificate ?
    2. Will there be a problem if I apply in Tatkal and they reject the application?

    Thank you in advance!

  4. Hello Suja Mam, great video. Really helpful. Quick question – Do I need to send the original passport along with all the documents if I am applying in tatkal category for a minor? The documents checklist doesn't talk about original passport for tatkal applications.

  5. In the reason of reissue do we have to select change in existing particular as well since the kids signature would have changed?

  6. Hey Suja, Thank you for the detailed video. I am applying for my minor (10 yr old daughter's) passport renewal in Tatkaal. My question is, in Affidavit for Change in Appearance – Can I select " No change.".is it allowed? last passport was renewed when she was 5.. Also under Tatkal Eligibility criteria list, It says cannot apply if there is "Change of Appearance(minors can apply)". So does that mean Minors can apply in Tatkaal even if there is an appearance change? Thanks

  7. Hi Suja, Very informative video, Thank You! Would you confirm I need to send the original passport of the child along with the photocopies of the first five and last two pages. Thanks!

  8. Hello Suja. Thanks for this very informative video. One question that I had is in the "Renewal of minor Passport- Tatkal" checklist, there is no mention of sending the Original Passport to VFS. Is it as expected, or they did a mistake on the checklist ?

  9. Thank you.
    Question 1- What if I have my I797 approved but my son's H4 is not yet approved. What documents do I have to provide to show his legal status?
    Questions 2 – I entered Indian address on both address field. Would that be an issue?

  10. Hi, how long is the ARN number generated valid for? Does ARN number expire? I have filled application on Goverment site on 3rd december and today is 19th december, I am planning to send documents now, will the ARN number still be valid or do I need to fill Government form again?

  11. @Suja Prakash In my kid current passport, we didn’t give surname for father and mother name column. When I apply for renewal passport , can I give surname for parents and do we need to submit any documents for this?

    Also do we need to provide india address proof if there is no change in the address in the passport?

  12. As a best practice what should be in passport printable address?(Either US or Indian address). For people having proofs for both addresses.

  13. Hi Suja

    Need one clarification for my 5 year old child. Regards to address proof, we have address proof in father's name. There is requirements to attach, parents notarized undertaking. Whats is this ? And do you such from format

  14. I made a mistake by putting both the Indian address in online form. Now when I read the checklist instructions, i realized it should be 1 indian address and 1 USA address, what can I do now ?

  15. Hi Suja ,thanks for this video,its very helpful.
    one doubt,annexture D i am not able to fill online,so can I just download and fill it manually?
    the checklist also says that had written forms not accepted.not sure what to do.

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