32 thoughts on “3 Ways to Fix the Service Battery Warning on Mac

  1. I've had applessince they were grey screens allthe way through the Quadra's untilthis rubbish 12'" macbook and its the last one i'll ever have I'm on the 3rd battery 2 admittedly were in the extended warranty only paid for one which was 3 weeks outside the warranty but thats just an irritation compared to the rest of it.
    1. the spacebar as you can see from 3 months old asyou can see
    2. won't read external hard discs hardly ever. andifit does sometimes just once then never again.
    3. won't readan external hub.
    4. internet just stops andhas to be rest.
    5. Try toupgrade and the computer shuts down and has to be rolled back.
    6 Iwouldn'tmind all this if Apple acknowledged any of this but the don't

  2. When my battery gets to 87 percent it just shuts off. I have to use the charging cord to start the computer again. If I try to start the computer without the cord that's when I see the low battery signal and the computer shuts down. I have 480 cycles on the battery which I didn't think is a lot.
    I tried your first suggestion and it didn't do anything. I'm going to clear my entire browsing history because this is something that worked for a viewer.
    After that I'll try your second suggestion. That's going to be a part of the day, but for the five hours I'll have something else to do anyway.
    Thanks for your suggestions and appreciate your time doing this.

  3. i recently replaced my macbooks battery myself an get this i have a feeling its telling me this because apple doesnt want u servicing ur own computer

  4. Thank you for your suggestions, however just one thing: when you do videos where you give people instruction, such music with the bombarding tempo is not helpful at all. Yes, it might work for you and some people but not for all. A less rhythmic relaxing music or no music at all (if you're not sure which one) may help better…to expect the right focus from all people… trust me!. Some people can't live without noise: they should ask themselves why and start appreciating simplicity, which makes things greater!

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