AVOID Repeating These 6 Everyday Words in Daily English Conversation - Use Advanced Alternatives

AVOID Repeating These 6 Everyday Words in Daily English Conversation – Use Advanced Alternatives

Want to avoid repeating the same words like please, sorry, tired, sad, bored and fine. I teach you advanced alternative vocab to use in conversation. Download the FREE PDF from today’s video:

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  2. If you use those proper words online people will think you're a greasy long haired fedora gamer who's spent too much time roleplaying with equally eccentric people.

  3. Lucy is so great in terms of teaching. I love your teaching videos so much and for that reason you have impacting knowledge in me and how to be simple. I wish I could have the opportunity to be in your classroom.

  4. Plz stop spreading this rubbish you can't give new interpretations to classical words used by people all over the world it seems to me that now they try to prevent easterners from talking in standard and correct English better than westerners and this is a very sinister and hidden agenda adopted by western cronies to bring under their control in a very different form done earlier therefore dont please get caught in this trap laid by unscrupulous dirty hegemonic sentiment. Theses fools cant f easterners any longer through theses jokes and manipulation

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