13 thoughts on “Focus should be on vaccinations before considering endemic phase

  1. They are opening up schools and universities. Please don't rush into it. Please, we are not ready for an Endemic yet. Please don't put our lives in danger. Please.

  2. You can’t win when the last two government has a death wish by the way of self deception. Half bake fake mco or drawing the public away with misguided notion of herd immunity or not looking at the daily infection number as a key reflection of the covid19 condition are just some of the heresy preached and condoned these last 2 government. All these will come back to bite us. Khairy is doing almost the same as Baba. Delta and now MU…Malaysia doesn’t know how to keep its guard up. It has lost that ability. Everything is open at 20k infection a day. There is only one direction. Can we vaccinate more than 60% when only 60% registered. At best with walk in, it will reach 70%. That leave 9 million unvaccinated. With new variant every two month even those vaccinated will be threatened thus more than 9 million can be infected and from these, hospitalized and die. Malaysia got it very wrong listening to ‘expert’, academics, politicians, business associations, etc. We are going to pay!

  3. Singapore did not even consider endemic phase after 80% are fully vaccinated with 1 death a week. Yet Malaysia is considering endemic phase with 50% fully vaccinated with 2,000 death a week ?

  4. 💉 1stdose…3minggu…💉 2nddose…2minggu biar ia set.
    Semua orang diseluruh dunia kena divaksinasikan supaya immunisasi kita dapat mengesan virus:SARs covid2 untuk melawannya. Sekiranya,immunasi kita tidak dapat mengesan dan mengawal virus, ia akanmemberikan ransangan kejutan kepada immunisasi kita, lalu menyerang pada sel-sel paru-paru sendiri (blood clots) yang mempercepatkan kematian.

  5. I have lived the hell of pneumonia and inflammation so far. And the doctors prescribed me only things those were, antibiotic. They prescribed me more strong antibiotics when the first one stopped working . When all the antibiotics stopped working I had no way but controlling my eating habits to control the severe inflammation and excessive mucus problems . Because ayurveda described this thing. It is a natural thing to treat pneumonia and inflammation with no side effects.
    All the friuts, dry fruits, most of the grains (except wheat, gram or cheakpea), all the lentils (except pigeon food or masoor dal) and all the vegetables(except green leaves ) and all types of vegetables oil(except mustard oil ) act like poison for a very sensitive pneumonia patient or a covid 19 affected patient(only in some cases because some patients' body act overwhelmingly on covid 19 virus ) because these things are most inflammatory and the main causes to make humans body inflamed . So avoid these things for some days if you get affected with covid 19.
    Covid 19 may affect you and you can face all types of it's symptoms , but it never be fatal for you if you follow these natural tips for some days after being getting affected. If you have a covid 19 positive test, control your eating habits for some days and take only all types of meaty foods( meat and eggs ) and you can use mustard oil or pure butter clarified to cook them otherwise eat them grilled or boiled. You can also have all types of pure dairy products(which are made from pure animal milk ) , white sugar, sea salt, red chili powder,all types of green leaves like spinach and lettuce,tea, coriander powder or leaves, , turmeric, products that made from pure wheat, masoor dal(pigeon food),Gram(checkpeae ), Mustard oil. Avoid all types of vegetables, Either it is a green vegetable or a root (besides green leaves) and avoid cabbage and cauliflower . It is a very strict diet plan but with this diet you can achieve zero inflammation within 10 to 15 days. To meet your daily needs of vitamin c you can take a half of lemon(lemon acts differently when it is consumed with different foods, with the suggested foods it never be a cause for inflammation ) per day. If you follow this tip for some days, covid 19 or it's variants never never be fatal for you in any case .
    Note – A human body does take 15 days to produce antibodies and it is the natural way to avoid the over inflammation. It is my twenty years experience over pneumonia and inflammation. it's been two years I won't face neither pneumonia nor inflammation. I have been surviving on a very simple and a very strict diet.
    To watch how inflammation kills the patient, click on the following link.
    To know vaccine afficacy on covid 21. Click on the following link
    To know how did i came to know to this thing please read, MY STORY, by clicking on the following link.
    And to know how you can wash your nose with hot water to kill the virus from nose. Click on the following link.https://youtu.be/1wesCmNDUW0…….

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