Senator Bernie Sanders: People Do Not Love Their Health Insurance Companies | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Senator Bernie Sanders: People Do Not Love Their Health Insurance Companies | Morning Joe | MSNBC

2020 Democratic candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, weighs in on why President Trump is a ‘pathological liar,’ why he says as president he would be an ‘organizer-in-chief’, what Medicare for all means and why he’s calling for tuition-free colleges.
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Senator Bernie Sanders: People Do Not Love Their Health Insurance Companies | Morning Joe | MSNBC

39 thoughts on “Senator Bernie Sanders: People Do Not Love Their Health Insurance Companies | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Health insurance is both monopoly and mafia. They employ all the medical workers. They underwrite all doctors and dentists. We the people have to pay them to receive our healthcare policies containing intricate caveats and denials. There is no check on their power. Health Insurance companies are the enemy of the public good.

  2. My favorite socialists are Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mussolini & Pol Pot. I think my most favorite is Mussolini because he wrote the Fascist Manifesto.

  3. Bernie stop it. When I was working and had private health insurance, I was very happy. I was glad to be with companies that offered health insurance. And had no problem with the co-pays. He's one-note.

  4. How do we get people to see what we see in Bernie? The Joe Rogan – Bernie interview comments show that when Bernie talks people listen. He changed the minds of 100s if not 1000s of people with just one interview. BTW; Rogan -Bernie interview has 9.8 million views with only a handful of negative comments. Imagine what he could do if the main stream media would give him a fair shake.

  5. I'm all for folks making money but there are segments of the economy where the profit motive is as out of place as boxing gloves on a brain surgeon. Health care is one of them.

  6. It’s nice to see that msnbc conducted a fair interview with #Bernie2020 where he was allowed to explain himself and not interrupted constantly. I appreciate that this wasn’t just another attempt to smear him. THANK YOU!

  7. Canada’s health-care system, known as Medicare, is an unrivaled pillar of Canadian national identity. Nearly 90 percent of Canadians believe that eliminating it would result in a fundamental change to the nature of Canada. Does this sound like Canadians think that their health care system is dysfunctional? Would U say the same thing about our health care system??

  8. This is the one time I've seen mainstream news interview Bernie and actually let him speak. The questions were pretty skewed, but they allowed him to tackle them well.

  9. Hey Bernie, I agree that $billionaires should pay more. But who is the judge for " fair share", you?
    Now the 51% that don't pay a cent in Fed taxes. WHAT IS THEIR FAIR SHARE? You liberals cant see the joke of " paying fair taxes"? How about ever worker pays $100, $10, SOMETHING.
    We have 51% voting with no $ in the pot.

  10. I'm so shocked to see that MSNBC gave Bernie an opportunity to speak at length about his policies. Every other time I have seen him appear on a MSM interview, the anchors are usually talking over Bernie as he tries to provide an answer to the questions asked of him. Of course, I'm seeing this 2 weeks after it's airing because I have stopped watching cable news due to its propensity to steer more towards editorialized entertainment than news. This was a refreshing segment.

  11. oh they played the "who's gonna pay for it" card.. much original! how is it payed for in all other non-third-world-countries? ofc it will mean less money for greedy US pharma and no more money for useless, greedy "middleman" insurance companies

  12. Claire McBuzzkill is such a Corporate Punk. Filibuster Rule is what allows the Republicans from STOPPING GREAT LAWS! So yes it stopped Crappy Republican Laws., More Importantly it ALSO PREVENTED Americans from Seeing How Bad Republican Laws actually ARE! We need to stop helping Republicans by just getting out of the way from making themselves look like idiots. They tanked 3 economies already yet they keep marketing themselves as the ADULTS in the room?

  13. I love Bernie🦋 I only wish the networks give him so sincere respect as he so deserves..everything he brought up 2016 is now on on the plate of what Americans are concerned. Over. Trump must be defeated.. and Bernie will lay him out flat.a goal TKO. I was really proud of the Hill Kristin Bell on show Rising Star.brought out the real truth of why reporters on MSNBC and cbs and fox etc… major networks.. the broadcast system penalizes the reporter if they side with Bernie.. Just like advertising the twitter feed of @horsewhisperer on twitter saying Bernie did not help Clinton. That was total bull crap.. the fact is Bernie helped Hillary with 15 rallies over 5 days as reported by Rachel Maddow Research it…Watch Rational National.. he has hard proof of this massive lie.presented by MSNBC.
    The fact that people are more educated, concerned, and wants this wealth disparity to End. People to-be treated humanely. If these networks really cared…. they would encourage the TRUTH.
    These reporters, journalist make millions, do you honestly think they give one iota about You? If only this country had one darn network that cared about “We The People”
    Every country in our Modern World has Universal Health care… Healthcare is a Right, not a privilege! As a Medical Professional people Do No Love Their Healthcare…
    news should present Facts… not Opinions of It’s Owners…. Lobbyist. pharmacy. Companies….

  14. This is the first MSNBC clip that was actually decent and worth watching most MSNBC clips and CNN clips and Fox News clips NBC clips and CVS Clips are garbage not worth watching where you are being given in a very elitist moneyed interest talking points this is a actual truth being spoken and hopefully it helps contribute to the best person for the job being a being Bernie Sanders being elected

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