You can confirm ANYTHING with a guard break | For Honor

You can confirm ANYTHING with a guard break | For Honor

Tips on some gb stuff you might or might not know. If you know then great! If not, then I hope this helps. Guard breaks are definitely op

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32 thoughts on “You can confirm ANYTHING with a guard break | For Honor

  1. They really just need to make it so if u counter gb no damage will be confirmed. Will still make it possible to die from a guard break confirm but much less likely, will have to be frame perfect

  2. So I can gb to confirm damage?! Wow thanks, until now I was just spamming mindlessly to try and force my way into someone's external guard. Imma go tell the comp players about this trick, it will be a game changer I'm sure.

    nice vid though, to educate the people that don't know 🙂

  3. Also in duels it basically forces the opponent to do a light or Zone so you can just bait it out, except for low gb vulnerability Chasedowns and Highlanders backwards top heavy (For some reason?¿)

  4. That’s why guard breaks feed lots of revenge, the only way to counter them is to keep attacking and pray no one bashes you

    Of course bots will break all rules of nature and guard break you even in revenge

  5. You could just say it opens up people so they can not guard or move for certain perion of time instead of examples, but honestly I though people know about these. Its not like hidden tech …

  6. The GB + Hito T4 is not always guaranteed right ?
    Sometimes the GB damage falloff kicks in.
    Ive seen it happening in a game I was in, I GB'd this enemy Raider , my teamate landed his Hito t4 and the raider only lost like 5 hp.

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