How to get Sehat Insaf Card | How to use Sehat Insaf Card

Sehat Sahulat Program (SSP) is a milestone towards social welfare reforms; ensuring that the identified under-privileged citizens across the country get access to their entitled medical health care in a … Read More

Airports on guard for coronavirus as health authorities urge vigilance | DZMM

Authorities wearing face masks manned thermal scanners at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Those who show fever and flu would be submitted to further quarantine checks, said Health Undersecretary and … Read More

Rcm Gamma Oryzanol Benefit // Dr.Sukant Ray.2020 // Bengali

Description Hi I am Dr. Sukant Ray. Welcome to our youtube channel Sukant ray good life About this video- Rcm Gamma Oryzanol Benefit // Dr.Sukant Ray.2020 //Bengali Site Link: Website … Read More

RCM की चर्चा अब न्यूज़ चैनलों पर 2022 में डायरेक्ट सेल्लिंग में बहुत बड़ा मुकाम सबसे आगे

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സെക്യൂരിറ്റി ജീവനക്കാരുടെ മർദ്ദനത്തിനിരയായ അരുൺ ദേവിന്‍റെ അമ്മൂമ്മ മരിച്ചു

#asianetnews #asianetnewslive Patient’s bystander brutally beaten by security guards at Trivandrum Medical College Subscribe to Asianet News YouTube Channel here в–є Website в–є Facebook в–є Twitter в–є Download India’s No. … Read More

തവിടെണ്ണ കൊള്ളാം | ഗുണങ്ങൾ | Rice Bran Oil | Benefits | Malayalam | Sree Vlogs MT | RCM | Wellness

RICE BRAN OIL MALAYALAM തവിടെണ്ണ аґ•аµЉаґіаµЌаґіаґѕаґ‚ RICE BRAN OIL 1. Contains beneficial nutrients 2. May support healthy blood sugar levels 3. May promote heart health 4. Has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory … Read More