Nograles says gov't to balance health, economy in deciding quarantine levels come June | TeleRadyo

The Inter-Agency Task Force on the government’s COVID-19 response said it will continue to balance health and economy in safely opening more industries when it decides the quarantine classification for … Read More

Airports on guard for coronavirus as health authorities urge vigilance | DZMM

Authorities wearing face masks manned thermal scanners at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Those who show fever and flu would be submitted to further quarantine checks, said Health Undersecretary and … Read More

Summer Health- Water Pockets |Sukhibhava | 27th May 2017 | ETV Telangana

Ensuring the philanthropic vision of raising awareness of health among people and bringing the best of medicine counsel into their living rooms is the main focus of ‘SUKHIBHAVA’. Sukhibhava is … Read More

Yoga | യോഗ ഗുണങ്ങൾ | Janapriyam News | Health tips | Google News Initiative | India | Kerala news

Janapriyam medical news (part – 1) യോഗ ശരീരത്തിനും, മനസ്സിനും ഒരുപോലെ аґ—аµЃаґЈаґ‚ ചെയ്യുന്നു. യോഗ പരിശീലനം аґЋаґџаµЌаґџаґѕаґ‚ аґµаґЇаґёаµЌаґёаґїаµЅ ആരംഭിക്കുകയും аґ•аґґаґїаґЇаґѕаґµаµЃаґЁаµЌаґЁ аґЄаµЌаґ°аґѕаґЇаґ‚ വരെ തുടരുകയും ചെയ്യാം. യോഗയുടെ ഗുണങ്ങളും പ്രത്യേകതകളും നിരവധിയാണ് അതിനെ аґ•аµЃаґ±аґїаґљаµЌаґљаµЌ аґњаґЁаґЄаµЌаґ°аґїаґЇаґ‚ മെഡിക്കൽ … Read More

Odisha Health Department Issues Warning Letter To Hi-Tech Medical College

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PM Imran khan Speech | Micro Health Insurance Program Ceremony in Peshawar

PM Imran khan Speech At Micro Health Insurance Program In Peshawar PM Imran Khan’s Visit To Peshawar, Addressing The Ceremony 10 Lac Rs!! Great News For People Bring reforms and … Read More

CM Naveen Patnaik Arrives At Balasore To Distribute BSKY Smart Health Cards

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Omicron को लेकर वैज्ञानिकों की Health Ministry को बड़ी चेतावनी | Omicron Variant India | Corona

Omicron को लेकर वैज्ञानिकों की Health Ministry को बड़ी चेतावनी | Omicron Tension | Omicron Variant India #Omicron #Omicronvariant #OmicronIndia #HealthMinistry Omicron को लेकर वैज्ञानिकों की Health Ministry बड़ी चेतावनी… … Read More

Omicron के चलते एक्टिव हुआ UP Health Department, विदेश से लौटे लोगों का ब्योरा खंगालना शुरू

ओमिक्रॉन के चलते एक्टिव हुआ यूपी का स्वास्थ्य विभाग. विदेश से а¤Іа¤–а¤Ёа¤Љ लौटे लोगों का ब्योरा खंगालना शुरू. बीते कुछ दिनों में विदेश से करीब 800 लोग а¤Іа¤–а¤Ёа¤Љ पहुंचे. इन … Read More